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The Hell that Is, the Hell that has been

March has proven to be a chaotic, insane, and hellish month. It began with our daughter having severe mental health issues that centered around depression.

Ya'll, depression is NEVER something to joke about or play around with. Adults have a hard enough time dealing with it, imagine a young teen dealing with it. If you know anyone who is dealing with anything, be patient and be there for them. It's a rough out there, and not just for kids.

Anyway, after some intense therapy of the in-patient sort, she's doing A LOT better. Happier, healthier, and much more her old happy, chatty self.

And then just when she's back to her old self and wanting to actually socialize, the Coronavirus hits and everyone is told to isolate and keep distant from each other. FantaSci, the convention we were going to go to (that I was to be a guest at) was cancelled. Understandable, but it still sucks.

Thankfully my family has plenty of food and necessities, and we're taking advantage of having our kids home. Heck, we even got our back porch enclosed so the kids AND cats can go out there safely! Neither the two-legged NOR the four-legged children can escape and go on a walk-about.

Who knows, I might even get some writing in, despite the munchkins being home, now that our daughter is back home and doing better. (Stress will really kill the creativeness...)

Hope everyone who reads this is staying safe and healthy out there amid the insanity that has gripped the nation, and really, the world.



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