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The Fae's Amulet


What would you do if you had the power to destroy the world…

In her younger years, Catherine Woulfe was known as the Lady of Death…but those days are long past. Now, at over 300 years old, she is older, wiser…and painfully dull. Instead of using her necromancy skills for things like killing people and taking over governments, she now works as a private investigator, helping people find their lost treasures.

But when a charismatic stranger walks through her door, searching for one of the most powerful artifacts ever created, she is drawn into a case where she must use all of her old powers—including several forbidden ones—if she is to find the missing amulet. When the last person to see the amulet goes missing, she realizes it’s time for the Lady of Death to summon her minions and go on the warpath.

Angels and demons are searching for the amulet, as is a mysterious dark elf about whom little is known. Everyone is stalking her, waiting for her to find it so they can grab it for their own; meanwhile, her client has awoken feelings long suppressed, which is proving to be…distracting. Can Catherine find the trail of the thief and recover the amulet before the thief uses it to summon a deity that will destroy the Earth? More importantly, if she gets it, will she give it back?

The Fae's Amulet


Someone wants Catherine dead.

Even worse—if possible—is that they also have two parts of the talisman she used during her days as the Lady of Death, which can turn even mundane items into powerful weapons. Long thought destroyed, someone has found the pieces, centuries later, and is determined to reassemble it.

Now, pregnant with Sterling’s child and unable to use most of her magic, Catherine must depend upon friends, family, and close allies to help locate the talisman. The demon trapped within it wants out, and if that happens, it will rain chaos—and potentially kill everyone—on Earth.

Catherine must find the talisman before whoever has it manages to kill her or acquires final piece of the talisman, allowing all of its powers to be activated. With no clues as to who’s on her trail, she’s forced to use herself—along with her unborn baby—and the last piece of the talisman as bait. Can she kill whoever posses the talisman before they kill her and her friends? Or will the talisman’s demon get what it most desires—escape from its centuries-old prison?

Death's Talisman

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