• J.F. Posthumus

Saturn (Planetary Anthology Series)

Within this anthology, you'll find an amazing mix of stories written my great authors. My contribution is set in the future on one of Saturn's Moons: Titan. Researching the moons was a lot of fun, especially since astronomy has always been a favorite subject! My story is title A PRICE TO PAY: Isadora's mother died when she was young, leaving her as the only child to a affluent, and rather greedy father who controls the ports on the many moons and Saturn itself. When he promises Isadora to a man of questionable morals, she refuses. Her father, however, refuses to accept her refusal, for the marriage will bring him more power and money. Turning to her heritage from her deceased mother, Isadora turns to witchcraft. But with everything, there's a price to pay. Will she be willing to pay the price required to escape Titan and the betrothal? Or will she give in and marry a man rumored to have killed his previous wives?

Now for more fun! Tuscany Bay Books, the publisher, is doing a blog tour and giveaway! Continue reading for more info on the tour and what goodies you may win!!

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